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4x2 Composite/S-Video/Audio Matrix Routing Switcher w/ IR

The SB-5450 is a 4x2 S-Video/Composite Video and Stereo Audio matrix switcher designed to work as a switcher for multiple…

Model: SB-5450
4x2 Composite/S-Video/Audio Routing Selector Switch w/ IR

The SB-5430 is a (4) In (2) Out Composite Video or S-Video (Y/C)/Stereo Audio (R/L) selector routing switcher for multiple…

Model: SB-5430
8x1 S-Video Selector Switch w/ IR

The SB-5440SV is a high performance S-Video switch with remote control. This unit has (8) individual S-Video inputs with (1)…

Model: SB-5440SV
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